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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Little Bit of This, and A Whole Lot of That

I have definitely been MIA on this bloggie, lately. Shame on me. I have been SO busy and stressed out as of late. But, things look like they've calmed down for a bit. Next big thing is actually this Saturday. Prom!

To be honest, I truly thought that I was not going to get asked to prom. That is not a joke at all. And, I was okay with it. I had come to terms with the fact that I really was probably not going to prom. That was okay with me.

Then, Valentine's Day came around. People always say how much they hate Valentine's Day. Even though I've never had a sweetheart on Valentine's Day, I've always kinda enjoyed it. So, I was having a pretty good day--except for the fact that I was rather sick--and it got better when I got home from violin lessons to find this on my desk:

I was so happy! Then, my other dear friend, Tanner, brought me a valentine! 
He brought the chicken noodle soup over and said, "Get better soon," then handed me the rose and said, "and, Happy Valentine's Day!"

 What a wonderful person! What a good Valentine's Day. (Two days later, I got another valentine in the mail from my other dear friend, Kolby. Best Valentine's Day ever!)

A couple weeks later, and after a couple of deaths...

.....I decided to go ahead and answer Ethan. (I still feel quite bad that it took me so long to answer him. I'm a horrible person who was horribly busy at the time.)

So, last week, I planned on answering him! I just didn't know exactly how to do it. So, I did the most random *and quick* thing that I could think of.

I made that beautiful poster, then gave him a tuna fish sandwich with goldfish on it! I'm sure he loved it! Yay!

So, now I'm going to prom!! In a later post, I shall definitely say how it was! Yayy!!!

By the way, I would STRONGLY advise somebody with good taste in music to listen to this wonderful album:
It is so cute! Here is a little taste of it:
Some other choice favorites are Crazy Love, All About Your Heart, All the Pennies, & Whole Wide World.

Happy Wednesday!!