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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Great Calf Workout

Last Monday, I went to Salt Lake with these hooligans to see Bastille in concert.

I don't know exactly how to describe it because if I describe it exactly the way that I feel about it, you'll probably think that I'm exaggerating. And, I never exaggerate. Ever. I've never exaggerated in my life. Not once. Ever. I've literally never exaggerated even once in my whole entire life.

Anyways, I'm just going to say that it was an extremely fun night and an AMAZING concert. That's really the only way that I'm going to describe it but please just know that I mean so much more.

The highlight of the concert: TOUCHING THE LEAD SINGER, DAN SMITH, RIGHT ON THE SHOULDER. NO BIG DEAL, BUT I LITERALLY TOUCHED HIM. PHYSICALLY. HE WAS REAL. My only regret was touching his shoulder instead of his hair. Why didn't I go for the hair?

The lowlight of the concert: Being too short to see anything and having people over a head taller than me standing directly in front of me. My calves hurt the next morning from jumping the whole time and standing on my toes to see the stage.

If you don't know who Bastille is, you should. You'd probably recognize this song:

Also, watch this:

You're welcome.

My two favorite songs by them would probably be Laura Palmer and Oblivion. Feel free to look those two songs up. Once again, you're welcome.

They also do covers. Here's Blue Jeans, by Lana Del Rey:

Other covers that they do include We Can't Stop, Of the Night, and I Just Died in Your Arms.

And, AGAIN, you're welcome.

Have a nice night. Spend it looking up Bastille songs and falling madly in love.

Peace & Blessings

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mediocre. At best.

The story of a lifetime, people.

Once upon a time,  we were going to a corn maze. I love corn mazes, guys!

Anyways, my cousin, Jason, was driving and we were with our friend, Pono, and a random guy that I had just barely met, literally 2 minutes before.

Don't ask why, but Pono was texting his friend about all of my "good qualities" and so he turned to the random guy that I had just met and he said, "Hey, you've only known Becca for a few short moments. What would you say is her most attractive quality?"

Listen to how this tall, bigger, bald, not handsome man answered. He said, "I'm going to be 198% honest right now. She's mediocre. At best. But, if she did something with her hair, she could be kinda pretty."

That's literally what he said.

And you know what I did?

I laughed hysterically. Then he went on to say, "I mean, I've liked a lot of mediocre looking girls. They just had something about them that made them super attractive."

And, I said, "So, you're saying that I need a new personality, too?"

Some people just don't know how to use their words correctly, guys.

Monday, November 4, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween was pure party.

We dressed up for class.

After class, I went to a High School football game with my homegurl Breanne to watch her brother kick butt. (They started playing What Does the Fox Say? at the game and her brother stood down on the field and just started dancing. I was so proud.)

Then Breanne, Mickayla, Makena, and I went and ate FREE food and then we went to Texas Roadhouse where it wasn't free..but it was good.

THEN, we went and had a dance party!

And a small photo shoot..

So...that happened.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Please don't hate me, mmkay?

Hey, guys! I'm a Mormon.

Don't hate me for it. 

I love being Mormon. I really do. I enjoy going to church, family home evening, institute, and other church activities. I love participating in choirs, service projects, and planning activities.

Are Mormons perfect? Absolutely not! We make mistakes all the time! Nobody is perfect and everybody struggles with something different. And, I appreciate that. I appreciate that every single person has their own struggles. I also appreciate that something that I struggle with, you may have no problem with and vice versa.

Are there Mormons that have done some horrible things and have made some really big mistakes? It saddens me to say this, but yes. Yes, there are. But, does that define all of us? Does that define our religion? No! It sure doesn't.

I just want to extend an invitation to anybody out there who is not of the LDS (Mormon) faith. The invitation is this: If you want to know something about the Mormon church, ask questions. Ask a member of the church. I would be more than happy to answer any questions. You could ask a missionary. You know those guys in the white button up shirts and the black name tags? Those are missionaries. They want to answer all of your questions. Another good source that you could go to is

I know that you've probably met some weird Mormons. We all have. I know that you've probably met some Mormons that seem like real stuck up jerks. We all have. And, I'm not just saying that. But, guys, those people don't define all Mormons. And, they most certainly don't define what we believe. We believe that Jesus Christ is our savior. We believe that we are children of God. We believe in the Bible and we also believe in the Book of Mormon.

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because I never realized how many crazy myths there are about our church until I came to college. Being here at college where not everybody is Mormon, I've heard some crazy stuff. It saddens me every time I hear some crazy gossip about the church that is not true at all. That is why I would implore everybody to find answers to their questions from within the church, not from crazy rumors that come from outside of the church.

Love you, guys!!

Have a good day!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I guess you guys deserve to know.

Well, there's something that I need to tell you all. I'm sorry that it's taken so long to get this news on the blog.

I'm engaged.

Just kidding. Did I scare you? I sure hope so. I wish I could've seen your reaction when you read that! Good golly gosh, I'm funny!

I am NOT engaged.

Anyways, remember that one time that I wrote on my blog about a month ago? That was forever ago. Seriously. But, the reaction that I got from that post made me realize that a few people do read my blog! That blows my mind! But, one suggestion that I got was to ignore school and blog instead. All I have to say to that is this: OKAY!!!! Gladly.

Honestly, a lot of stuff has happened while I've been here at college. I just don't know what kind of stuff I should update my blog with, you know? What kind of stuff do I feel comfortable sharing and what kind of stuff do people even want to hear?

That being said, here are a few upates:

  • I did my first haircuts this week! Who's proud? You? Okay, cool. Thanks, mom. But, seriously, they looked good, guys!
  • There are a few things that a girl should only have to go through once..and one of those things--I will not name what it is--I had to go through again this week. I've done this before and I never thought I would have to do it again. TOO MUCH AWKWARD, GUYS! Sorry, that is all the information I can give you.
  • I have new roommates. I moved. So..there's that.
  • I love college. Remember that one time I hated it? I love it now. Honestly. 
  • Some nights I tell myself that I'm going to go to bed early. Sometimes it happens. Other times, friends spontaneously invite me to do weird things. And instead of being a scaredy-cat and saying no to everything like I used to (curse anxiety), I say yes. JUST SAY YES, PEOPLE!! First of all, YAY to saying yes to things. Second of all, YAY to having friends!
  • Every Thursday is Lumberjack Thursday. That means we wear plaid. Today, to celebrate Lumberjack Thursday, we went to Denny's to get some flapjacks. Lumberjacks eat flapjacks, right? 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have you missed me?

Have you guys missed me? I know I have! I've missed me!

If you would've asked me two days ago if I liked it here at college, I would've said, "Heck to the no!"

Ask me now. Ask me! I dare you! Just ask!!!!!

How am I liking college?! Oh, I thought you'd never ask! Well, as of right now, I'm liking it. I had a great weekend and I'm feeling ready to take on another week of school. This weekend was full of dancing like crazy, meeting up with an old friend (which actually made me a bit homesick), and going to a bonfire. I met so many people that I already love. A lot.

College, why must you have so many ups and downs? I love you, then I hate you? Make up your mind! Are you gonna stink, or be awesome?!

Whatever. Also, I guess I'm searching for a new older brother and a new older sister because mine abandoned me and now I have nobody to text about my concerns of college because my other older brother is married and my little sister hasn't gone through college.

Oh well. Life. Good ole' life. Always playing tricks on me! Silly Life! Tricks are for kids! (See what I did there? Nevermind..)'s getting late. Goodnight, friends!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

College life. Or something like that.

Well..I don't know if I've mentioned this..but, I just finished my first week of college. Wow.

Don't ask me if I like it. I don't know how I would answer.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stuff Allen Says & My Biggest Regret

Alright, guys. This is Jackie:

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. It was taken on my ipod.

Jackie is one of my very best friends in the whole wide world.

Anyways, Jackie has a brother named Allen. He's outrageous.

The other day, while I was at Jackie's home, I said, "Jackie! Were you born in a barn?"
And, Allen said, "Yeah, Jackie! Were you born in the freakin first grade?!"

Hahaha. That's when I just about died.

If anybody can tell me what that even means, get back to me.

I feel like I should have started a segment on my blog a long time ago called, "Stuff Allen Says." Gosh darn it! What was I thinking?! Now it's too late since I'm going to college! Regret has a name!

I guess this is where I apologize, people.


Have a good evening. :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I don't even know.

1. I went to sushi today with some of my favorite ladies.

2. I LOVE singles ward. I have far too much fun with these weirdos.

3. Every time I walk into a drug store, I HAVE to look at their makeup selection. I have an addiction. And, it could be getting out of hand. At least I'm not addicted to Mac makeup or anything. (Only because I've always been too poor to even try it.)

4. My sister is leaving for her mission tomorrow. Two siblings on a mission? That's too weird to think about.

5. I'm going to college next week. Whaaat?! I'm like six years old.

6. I'm also turning 18 next week. Is it weird that I'm turning 18 right before I go to college?

7. Today was my last day working with this pickle.

Boy am I going to miss her. She makes me laugh so incredibly hard.

8. Two weeks ago, I was in Oregon. I miss those days!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"What's up with your blog?"

The other day, my friend asked me, "What's up with your blog? I mean, you haven't even posted about graduation or anything."


So, guys, be prepared for a huge picture overload! Woooohooo! This is my life from forever ago. Please enjoy.

As a side note, at the time that all of this nonsense was happening, I was not loving it at all. I was not excited to do anything cause I wasn't feeling ready. BUT, looking back at all of these pictures, I remember how fun it actually was. Yes, I was still stressing and hoping up to the very last minute that I would graduate with the grades that I needed, but it all worked out in the end and here I am, graduated!!!

Also, A LOT of these pictures, I had to steal from my friends on Facebook. But, since they're pictures of me, that's okay, right?


Alright, we're starting WAY back to when I went to Disneyland. 
Guys, I totally forgot to tell you about the two best parts of Disneyland, which happened to happen on the same day! First of all, we were in Frontier Land when all of a sudden, this guy playing the fiddle behind Woody started saying the words to Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. So, he started with "I looked out the window and what did I see?" And the charming group of kids that you see below, turned to him and answered, "Popcorn popping on the Apricot Tree." After we finished the song, he said, "Come on over here!" And then we had a "shindig" with this guy named Farley. (Is it that obvious that we're Mormon? Yes. Yes it is.) It made my day. He gave us stickers at the end that said, "I had fun with Farley!"

Later that afternoon, our dear friend Hayden found out that he had received his mission call but he wasn't home to open it! We weren't going to wait until we got home to find out where he was called! So, his mom called and read his call to us. Here is a video of that ordeal:

If you couldn't tell, the most exciting part is the fact that his best friend was called to the same mission! Their reaction was priceless! I'm so glad I filmed it!

Next was the NHS banquet where we pretended that we were smart, etc.

 Boring. *cough cough* What?

Next was the senior banquet.

Once again, boring.

Soon after that, my two dear friends and I decided to visit our Elementary School. We went and played on the toys exactly like we used to. We just forgot that we used to be a little bit smaller...

So much fun. We were at this playground for quite a while and we just talked about the old days and who we all used to have crushes on. We all went to the same school our whole lives! Talk about feeling nostalgic!

Then, we went to Lagoon for our Senior Trip! WOOOOO!!

THEN, we graduated from Seminary!
Almost the whole group. I love these kids. All of them.
No words. I love these kids.
First ward! Yayyy! There's our fantastic Bishop. We love him!
And, since we can't just take a normal picture...
Like I said. No normal pictures.
My dear friend Hailey! Same stake. Different school. We were cursed. But, I love this girl sooo much!
Photo bomb. (Funny enough, it was actually a planned photo bomb. Lame.)
 Let's talk about this for a second. I never really had a good experience with seminary. Well....I liked it my freshman year. It was okay. My teacher sorta drove me nuts. But, I still liked it. Then my sophomore and junior year I had.....a teacher. I don't really want to talk about it because I really don't want to be mean to people via the world wide web. Let's just say...yeah. Never mind. JUST NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE, OKAY?!?!?!

Anyways, this year....this year I had the best seminary teacher in the whole entire world. Everything that he said made sense and I felt the spirit so strongly every single time I went to class. I never ever wanted to leave. I wish that I could even begin to describe how amazing it was. Anyways, what I 'm trying to say is that I was really sad to graduate from seminary. I will really miss it.! Yay!


ANYWAYS, this next thing is going to blow your mind.

I actually graduated!!! Guys, I brought my .3 GPA up to a 3.6 GPA!!!! It's a Christmas Miracle!

I was the first one to walk in!
This is me about to shake hands with my mortal enemy.
He's probably thinking, "Holy heck. I thought this day would never come. Get out of my life, Becca Turner!
My support team!
My young friends! I'll probably miss them the very most. Just saying.
More Grandparents!
My seeester.
This is my dear friend Kristen and her Mother. Her mom was my beehive leader and she has been one of the very biggest influences thus far in my life. I love her soooo much!
Mahhh homeguuurrrlllss!!
I don't actually know who this is.'s proof that we went to High School together. KIDDING! This is Erica. She's somethin else, I'll tell you!

You probably think I'm done. Don't you? Actually, you're probably not even here anymore. I've bored you to death. To those of you still here, congrats! But, wait! There's more!!! (I'm trying to be Ron Popeil and/or Billy Mays. Successful? Thanks!)

The night after graduation was our over nighter! Yayyy!!  At about 5:50 AM, a few of us went to watch the sunrise. We headed to the Perrine Bridge to see it. I, along with three of my close friends, Jackie, Ethan, and Drew, watched the beautiful sunrise. Guys..please do that one day. It's the most beautiful thing. We just stood there all wrapped up in a blanket and watched. So great. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of any of this. Sorry!

THEEEENNNNNNNN, I went to watch one of my best friends graduate! And, while we were there (the city that her graduation was held in) we went to visit my bestest friend! We stayed the weekend and partied. Actually, we were all too tired to party. But, we tried.

How funny does this look. Look at how short my legs look. fact: those are Kia's legs.

 Disclaimer: It looks like I only own one shirt because I'm basically wearing the same shirt at every event. What the heck? I am so unoriginal. I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I OWN MORE THAN ONE SHIRT.

Anyways, this was seriously just the longest post ever. I feel like I want to keep writing just because I know that this is already ridiculously long and it's getting to the point where it's probably just unhealthy and whatnot. If you're still here, you deserve a prize or something! So....