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Just Bexx

Heyy there, friends! I'm Becca.

Laughing Through the Silences

Let me tell you a bit about the name of my blog. Why is it called Laughing Through the Silences? Well, because I tend to laugh..a lot. If I had a penny for every time somebody said the following to me, I'd be rich:
  • You laugh too much.
  • You're laugh is hilarious.
  • You make me feel funnier than I am.
  • I love your laugh.
  • I hate your laugh.
You varies. But, those are just a few of the comments that I've heard a lot.

So, feel free to stay for awhile! Go ahead and read my blog! It's not just about funny stuff, because I'm a real human being and I cry, too. So, basically, this blog is just about life.
Stay. Follow. Comment.
That would be so great!


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