blank'/> Laughing Through the Silences: September 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have you missed me?

Have you guys missed me? I know I have! I've missed me!

If you would've asked me two days ago if I liked it here at college, I would've said, "Heck to the no!"

Ask me now. Ask me! I dare you! Just ask!!!!!

How am I liking college?! Oh, I thought you'd never ask! Well, as of right now, I'm liking it. I had a great weekend and I'm feeling ready to take on another week of school. This weekend was full of dancing like crazy, meeting up with an old friend (which actually made me a bit homesick), and going to a bonfire. I met so many people that I already love. A lot.

College, why must you have so many ups and downs? I love you, then I hate you? Make up your mind! Are you gonna stink, or be awesome?!

Whatever. Also, I guess I'm searching for a new older brother and a new older sister because mine abandoned me and now I have nobody to text about my concerns of college because my other older brother is married and my little sister hasn't gone through college.

Oh well. Life. Good ole' life. Always playing tricks on me! Silly Life! Tricks are for kids! (See what I did there? Nevermind..)'s getting late. Goodnight, friends!