blank'/> Laughing Through the Silences: January 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some things never change.

When I was about ten, I was in charge of a family home evening lesson and I decided to play a little trick on my family. I told them that they were going to draw a name of a family member and then they had to write 5 nice things about the family member whose name they had drawn. When we were all done, we would read those things out loud. But, instead of putting every person's name in the bowl, I wrote my name on every piece of paper. So, they all had to write five nice things about me.

When my dad started reading the five nice things that he wrote, my older sister was the first to say, "Wait! I had Becca!" It didn't take more than a second for everybody to realize that they had been bamboozled into writing five nice things about me. That's when I started laughing hysterically. Just imagine little ten year old me laughing maniacally. (My laugh has been described many times as a "cackle," just in case that helps you to imagine this.)