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Monday, August 25, 2014

That one time I went to Hogwarts.

Well folks, I figure it's about time for another life update wherein I dump a whole bunch of pictures all over your faces. (I don't like the way that sounds..but I said it. What's done is done.)

Remember this post about my undying obsession love for OneRepublic? Well, it is as true today as when it was written. And guess what! ALL OF MY DREAMS FINALLY CAME TRUE AND I SAW ONEREPUBLIC LIVE IN JUNE.

Unfortunately I didn't have a device with me that had the ability to take pictures. Unless you count my phone..which wouldn't work. And I'll tell you why. I have not yet updated to a smart phone and I also don't own a camera. So that would be one awful picture. However, I was with my brother and sister-in-law and they took a few pictures! So here ya go:

A few weeks ago, my parents, sister, and I went to Utah for a little vacation. We started off at Lagoon.

This is the only ride my dad would go on. Probably because it's the best. Or because it's the only one that doesn't make him sick. Old people, amiright?

The next day we went to Mary Poppins in the Hale Theater. It was really great fun but we didn't get any pictures. The night after that, we went to a Utah Symphony concert. It was amazing! It was only Disney music and there were four vocalists that sang all of the songs and it was some serious fun.

The last day we went to Olympic park and watched the skiers practice on the jumps that go into the pool. It was super neat! Then, we went on the Heber Creeper. IT WAS WIZARD THEMED SO IT WAS LIKE WE WERE ON THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS.

Well, that's about it! Good thing I'm a super diligent blog updater!