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Monday, April 8, 2013

Something That You NEED to Know About Me

There's something about me that you don't know...but, that you need to know.

I'm not exactly sure how to say this... it goes:

My name is Becca Turner and I'm addicted to OneRepublic.
"Hi Becca."

Guys, I'm not even sorry about it. Seriously. I'm not even gonna apologize. (It's too late to 'pologize..if you know what I mean. (P.S. That's a funny joke because OneRepublic sings the song Apologize. Just thought I'd explain.)) Sorry, not sorry.

It all started in October of 2009, when they released their video for All the Right Moves.

I already loved the song and the other songs that I had heard by them. But, when I saw that music video, I was completely drawn to it, and the band itself. Honestly, I can't even describe my love for them.

My love for them was extremely..strong. I basically listened to OneRepublic every single day for two and a half years. Actually, literally six out of every seven days, I listened to OneRepublic.

Honestly, I don't know if you quite understand. Once, I had to write a paper about a band. It had to be two pages or so. I wrote an entire essay about OneRepublic without using a single reference. Actually, I checked my facts but the point is that I didn't NEED a single reference.

After about two and a half years, my obsession STRONG LOVE for them died down a tiny bit. I no longer had to know exactly what they were doing every single day. I still listened to them quite a bit but I wasn't making sure to fill my every waking moment with their music.

I still appreciate their music beyond belief. Their lyrics SPEAK TO ME! Honestly, there are a lot of relatable lyrics written by none other than the great Ryan Tedder (lead singer of OneRepublic and writer for basically every big star right now).

Okay, what I've been TRYING to get at is that I'm getting super into OneRepublic again. This could either be super problematic or super awesome!

Let's just say that they came out with a new album. Because, wait! They did!!

I own this album and I need to tell you something...this is the only album that I've listened to ever since I even bought it. Honestly, if I had to make a rough estimate of how many times I've listened to this album..I would guess about 16,735,250 times. That's not even an exaggeration. I don't exaggerate. Ever. I've actually never exaggerated in my entire life. Ever.

Anyways, I will now share with you my two FAVORITEST songs from their new album, Native. They won't disappoint, guys. I promise.



Just a note..don't pay attention to this video..only the song. Unless you're into lyric which case, go ahead and watch. I, personally, find most of them annoying..especially when they have incorrect this one. There are quite a few incorrect lyrics in this video, but I still respect whoever made it. They probably didn't know. I don't judge. I love everybody. It's whatever. Anyways, ENJOY THE SONG. I KNOW YOU WILL. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A FAN OF GOSPEL CHOIRS. EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT!


Alright, last but not least, if you're into behind the scenes, in-studio videos, this is one that you ought to watch. It's for the last song, Preacher. Gospel Choir?! HECK YES. Not even kidding. You'll thank me for this some day.

I know I just posted a bucket load of videos. I know you're thinking, "What does she think we do all day? Watch videos?" The answer to that is...yes. That is what I think you do. And I think you're good people because of it.


Have beautiful lives filled with Gospel Choirs and OneRepublic.


  1. Ok, I'm not going to say I've been one of One Republic's number one fan forever, but I've liked a few of their songs along the way! And lately I've really been loving and getting into them! Thanks for sharing your faves! They were awesome!

  2. I love you for this post, because when I get obsessed with a song or a band I mean I REALLY get obsessed. OneRepublic is the band that I always forget to research more, and yet every time I hear a song and think "this is really great" it always ends up being them. Thank you for inspiring me to further my musical education! I'm on it.


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