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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Great Calf Workout

Last Monday, I went to Salt Lake with these hooligans to see Bastille in concert.

I don't know exactly how to describe it because if I describe it exactly the way that I feel about it, you'll probably think that I'm exaggerating. And, I never exaggerate. Ever. I've never exaggerated in my life. Not once. Ever. I've literally never exaggerated even once in my whole entire life.

Anyways, I'm just going to say that it was an extremely fun night and an AMAZING concert. That's really the only way that I'm going to describe it but please just know that I mean so much more.

The highlight of the concert: TOUCHING THE LEAD SINGER, DAN SMITH, RIGHT ON THE SHOULDER. NO BIG DEAL, BUT I LITERALLY TOUCHED HIM. PHYSICALLY. HE WAS REAL. My only regret was touching his shoulder instead of his hair. Why didn't I go for the hair?

The lowlight of the concert: Being too short to see anything and having people over a head taller than me standing directly in front of me. My calves hurt the next morning from jumping the whole time and standing on my toes to see the stage.

If you don't know who Bastille is, you should. You'd probably recognize this song:

Also, watch this:

You're welcome.

My two favorite songs by them would probably be Laura Palmer and Oblivion. Feel free to look those two songs up. Once again, you're welcome.

They also do covers. Here's Blue Jeans, by Lana Del Rey:

Other covers that they do include We Can't Stop, Of the Night, and I Just Died in Your Arms.

And, AGAIN, you're welcome.

Have a nice night. Spend it looking up Bastille songs and falling madly in love.

Peace & Blessings