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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I don't even know.

1. I went to sushi today with some of my favorite ladies.

2. I LOVE singles ward. I have far too much fun with these weirdos.

3. Every time I walk into a drug store, I HAVE to look at their makeup selection. I have an addiction. And, it could be getting out of hand. At least I'm not addicted to Mac makeup or anything. (Only because I've always been too poor to even try it.)

4. My sister is leaving for her mission tomorrow. Two siblings on a mission? That's too weird to think about.

5. I'm going to college next week. Whaaat?! I'm like six years old.

6. I'm also turning 18 next week. Is it weird that I'm turning 18 right before I go to college?

7. Today was my last day working with this pickle.

Boy am I going to miss her. She makes me laugh so incredibly hard.

8. Two weeks ago, I was in Oregon. I miss those days!


  1. Becca. I just love this. I'm super stoked for you to get to college! You're just going to love it :) Are you guys going to the rodeo this weekend?

    1. Thanks, Megan! I'm hoping that we get to go to the rodeo. I'm still working on convincing my parents! Haha. And, we might go eat some roasted pig that your dad is making!! Are you going?

  2. Hey! Lots of big changes...enjoy it all while it lasts! If only I could go back to the summer after high school..... :)


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