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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The time has come. That's right..We're talking about it. Now.

Downton Abbey.

We can't avoid this any longer. Seriously.

Spoiler Alert!! If you have not finished the second season of Downton Abbey, DO NOT read this post. If you don't really care at all about Downton, read on. Or just don't read it. You choose. Either way, I need to talk about it.

Oh my goodness. So many things to discuss. First of all, let me say...I still just love and adore Mr. Branson. He is sooooooooooo fantastic. My mom thinks he's just an angry Irish man. I think he's just super passionate. I just love him!

Branson is at the top of my "Love" list. Who is at the top of my "Hate" list, you ask? Oh. Let me tell you.

That would be none other than THOMAS! He is a slime ball. Seriously. Is he not just a scum bag? He is...evil. Mean. Gross. Just...blehhhh!

Matthew? Oh, he is soooo fantastic! Absolutely perfect! Let me just say...Mary was so incredibly nice to Lavinia. That must've been so hard, but she was genuinely kind. I LOVE Marry. She's so great.  The fact that Lavinia died made me really really sad cause it totally tore Matthew apart. In reality, though, it was kinda convenient... how horrible of me!
But, now Mary and Matthew are gonna be so amazingly happy together! I'm so incredibly happy right now!

Mr. Bates is gonna live! They better let him out of jail because 1) He's innocent and 2) He and Anna just finally got married and they need to just be together! They're soooo lovely!

Sybil and Branson. That's all I have to say.

If you can't tell...they're my favorite. (Especially Branson. Not to mention that I've been told I look like Sybil. Massive compliment, but I don't really see it.) They are just so amazing. I'm so happy with how that ended up.

Daisy! She's so cute! She felt so super guilty about marrying William in the last hours of his life even though she didn't really love him. But, in the end, when William's dad was telling her how special she was to him..that was so sweet! She was finally important to somebody and she loved it! How sweet!!! For real!

Okay. Edith. What is up with her? She became nice. Was that just the war changing her? She seems so different but I don't know whether or not to like her...

Cousin Violet/Grandmother/Professor McGonagall/Maggie Smith/The funniest lady! She is so wonderful! I can't even explain why I love her so much..but, I do. She says the best things!

Okay. And, other people that I just want to discuss...but, don't really want to...

If you watch the know.

As for this last one...all I have to say is...I love how they make her she needs to be somewhere else. Haha! Good stuff.

And...just a little bit more:

Makes so much sense. I love the bit on Thomas. And, Ms. O'Brien.
I want this shirt. Seriously.

K. Peace out! If you read this whole post, you're cool. If you didn't...well, then you're not reading this bit and I can're not as cool. Ha! Anywho, I'm glad I could share my feelings with y'all!



  1. Yay!!! I was waiting for this post. :) Love it!! Makes me so excited for the next season!! Also, I love the map of how everyone's relations... :)

  2. You just need to come hang out so we can talk in person. Your blog is great. Downton Abbey. Really like it. Love Bates and Anna the best. Also like Sybil and Branson. Sybil is great. I actually like Edith too. In the first season, I didn't like Mary as much. And I sided with Edith a bit more. But Mary has gotten better and I like her more now, but I still like Edith too. And LOVE Cousin Violet/ Countess of Grantham. She is hilarious, while still being proper. Perfect character and perfect actress!

  3. I was really hoping that I'd get some really juicy spoilers with this post. Unfortunately, like always, my curiosity was left dissatisfied and empty. Much like the feeling I have here back in Pocatello all alone.


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