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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Even When I'm Stupidhead

I have a friend named Bailey.
She's good with words. 
When she wants to tell you something that comes from the very bottom of her heart, it comes out sounding either like a thug or a four-year-old. 
Which makes things extremely touching and entertaining. 
Also, with auto-correct on her phone, it makes things even better! 
It's beauty.
But, honestly, she really is good with words. 
See for yourself: Bailey's Bloggie

(This is a little bit funny, because I have six followers, and I'm sure that you've all seen her blog, are following her blog, or if you're actually Bailey. Anywho, PEACE!)


  1. This just made my day! haha
    Thug or 4 year old.
    WHAT SON!?

  2. I live for people who are good with words :)
    It's even better when they're friends


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