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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sups Necessary

I now have six followers.

Boy, do I feel cool!! 

To be honest, I had a mini-party when I got onto my "Blogger Dashboard" and where it usually says 5 said 6 followers! Wahooo!

I've been loving this song lately by the wonderful Every Avenue. As if I saw them Live or something....

Also, bad news: Sean O'Donnell left Yellowcard. This is a shame because he looked like Ryan Reynolds.

&& because with him in the band, their names were all the same. There was Ryan, Ryan, Sean, Sean, and Longineu (Random, right?). Now that there will have to be a new member it will be Ryan, Ryan, Sean, Longineu, and John Doe.

But, It's okay. I respect his decision because he said that he was having a hard time being on tour all the time and still being happy with his family. So, he decided to focus more on family. How great is that?! Respect, YO! 
(I knew that all six of you lovely followers would be very concerned with this, so I had to share.)

Take luck, Friends!

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