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Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm not very likely to get over Friday. It was one of the greatest days of my life. It consisted of staying in bed all day reading Harry Potter 4 for the millionth time. It was just as good this time. I honestly got out of bed about three times to clean and eat and such. I skipped lunch, though. Then, later that night, I got up. Why? To be productive...

LIES! I got up to watch Downton Abbey..which may be considered to be "productive" but in all was just a lazy day. But, can we just take a moment to realize that Downton Abbey is basically the best show ever and I just barely got around to watching it. I love it. Maggie Smith. Uhh..yeah. She is hilarious!

This show honestly just makes me question for the umpteenth time why I was born in this time period and in this country. I do love America and freedom and such, but I would just love to be British, especially in the great olden days. (That makes me sound so ungrateful. I promise, I really am grateful for this country and running water and stuff. Seriously.)

Sorry for the excessive amount of pictures...this show is just too good for words. Now I need to watch season 2.

Anywho, my point is, we all need to have a lazy day once in awhile. It is relaxing and then you feel like you can be productive the next day.

Peace out, homies! Xx


  1. a couple weeks ago i watched the entire first season without getting up once. no regrets. that show is awesome. i need season 2!

    1. Don't ever regret it! I did the same thing! Minus the first episode, which I watched a few weeks earlier. I'm craving the second season. NOW!


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