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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well, the secret's out...

I love dreadlocks. There...I said it.
Don't judge me.
I absolutely love dreadlocks. I think that they are so gorgeous!

I would absolutely love to get dreadlocks. Seriously. But, I'm too scared. CHICKEN PANTS OVER HERE!

 Gosh! They're so pretty! Admit it.

PS) If I end up never getting married, (which is how its looking right now) I promise that I'll get dreadlocks. But, only if I never get married. Everybody please pray for me that one day somebody will look past my awkwardness and maybe be able to stand me.


  1. I have a fun way to make your hair look a lot like dreadlocks but without all the commitment becca! I'll have to do a tutorial so you can feel a little likey ou have dreadlocks once ina while.haha they are pretty! but i'm with you, could never do it...

  2. Hey girl. I've actually had them twice!! I could EASILY do it for ya! and It is only a couple day commitment. :) text me/message me!

  3. Im so glad you posted about this.
    Being responsible and all...I say do it.
    One day.
    If youre never your cats can use your hair as a play toy.
    That was out of line.
    And youre getting married.

  4. If my wife had dreads I could grow a garden year round indoors in her hair. That would be awesome. Plus I wouldn't have to buy cat litter. It could just use her hair when she's asleep.

  5. One of my midwives in FL had dreadlocks. She was gorgeous, as was her hair!


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