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Sunday, November 11, 2012

In My Khaki Pants

Basically, Sadies this year was such a champion. It was so dang flippin fun. Literally.

Also, prepare to see an overwhelming amount of photos:



Check out our sincerely classy decorations. 

Barbarian Dinner!

What a good looking group, right?!

My personal favorite. ^

Awkward Pictures:

This is a "braidtouch" from the Hunger Games. It's kind of an inside joke. 


  1. sounds fun!

    i put up your button again. and it seems to be working! it might have been a code i was entering right before your button that made it not work. i don't know why it would, it was just a centering code, but when i took it off it worked! so what i'm trying to say is... it might have been my fault. sorry!!!!

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  2. Oh! You're such an angel! Thank you so much! Sorry it was being so difficult! I don't know if it was your fault cause it doesn't seem to be working on other human's blogs, either! I don't know what's up! Dang sauce! But, thank you so much! You're great! :)


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