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Monday, January 7, 2013

2 things


Chocolate covered cherries. You know the ones..right?
Yeah! These ones!

Well, I hate them. Just kidding. I love them. But, I LOATHE the cherries! I just like the chocolate and the white stuff. So I bite into it and pull the cherry out.


I forgot the second thing..but it was certainly more important than the bit about the chocolate covered cherries..which makes me realize that this is actually a pointless blog post. But..I just wanted to say HI!!

Also, SHOUT OUT to Pantech for being completely, utterly, horribly AWFUL! I'm definitely not a huge fan.

Lovess! :)


  1. Congratulations to me. I had to google "Pantech." I had no idea who they were before! If you like the chocolate & white stuff on those cherries, I'm sure you like the cadbury eggs that come out around easter time? Seriously. I can't stop eating those whenever I have them. They're SO GOOD.

  2. I too did not know what Pantech was!
    I love those cherries. Except I love the cherry part too. But, I am doing a no sweets challenge until chocolate covered cherries and any other treats will have to wait until then.


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