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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh My Goodness Gracious Great Googley Moogley

I'm probably the worst blogger ever right now. I haven't posted in ages. Honestly, I've written quite a few drafts but I never post them cause I never think they're ready. I send you my sincerest apologies.

So far this summer I have worked and gone camping. Also, I've been going to the Singles Ward. Alright, how weird as that?! I mean, Singles Ward? That's for old people. Well, anyways, I've met a few cool people and we went to see....

Drum-roll please!!!!

 Monsters University!!!!!!

Okay, guys. I just need to tell you something..I sincerely loved this movie. Which is cool because I used to hate the first one because it always made me cry (if you didn't at least get emotional in it, you have no heart). I'm not even kidding, though. I loved Monsters University. My friends and I were the oldest ones in the theater besides parents of small children and I think we were the ones that laughed the very hardest. It was certainly a fantastic experience.  Thank you, Billy Crystal, for being absolutely hilarious.

Also, let's just talk about how John Krasinski:

was this guy:

That's all, folks. You're welcome and have a lovely evening.


  1. Oh, I so want to see that!! Also, I do the same thing...I have so many drafts that I have yet to publish on my blog...maybe someday :)

    1. Oh my gosh, Megan! You'll love it! And, don't worry. Sometimes you just have to get things perfect before they can enter the World Wide Web. :)


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