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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Laugh...It's Good For the Soul!

Today was quite a day. There were good times...and there were okay times. But right now, I'm mainly remembering the good times (which is a good thing, I'd say).

  • A friend of mine told me that pickles rhymes with potassium. I'm not exactly sure if I should believe that...but it was funny and I laughed right out loud!
  • I don't know why this made me happy...but I practiced my violin and then did my homework.
  • Mutual was a blast/super funny! Our bishop and his wife did a demonstration of what NOT to do on a date and we were all laughing hysterically!
  • I became friends with an old friend....that makes no sense. Explanation: I wasn't sure if we were still friends, so I asked him if we were. And he said yes! 
Anywho, it is past my goodnight!!!

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