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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Sincerest Apologies

Why am I apologizing? Well, of course, it is because I have not posted in quite some time. I have been rather absent and I am very sorry. Although, I do have some good excuses. Or, rather, ONE good excuse. That excuse is that my mom was in Pennsylvania for a little over a week and then my dad went up there to meet her there and then they went to New York. So, in other words....I was not allowed to use the internet during that time. It was two weeks! But, other than that...I've just been lazy.
Some rather exciting things have happened between my last post and now. But...I don't remember some of them. So, I will just write about one of them. I happened to go to my first rock concert last Thursday. 

Exciting? YES! It was so fun! Ryan Key, the lead singer, said that he was trying to watch his mouth because he was in Utah. That definitely made my entire day! Especially considering the fact that I already love him a whole lot! Also, Sean Mackin, the violin player, has really cute dimples and he did a back flip! Wahoo! But, one of the best things that happened was when my feet were cemented to the gum! EWWW!!!! What an experience! The opening bands were quite good, too. Personally, I liked Every Avenue better than Go Radio, but they were both pretty dang good! It was quite an experience to remember! Anywho, that's all for now.

PS) I'm already getting really excited for Christmas. It's only something wrong with me?

PPS) I think that Jane is a middle name that can go with ANY other name. Becca Jane, Bailey Jane, Lili Jane, Tyler Jane, Nathan Jane, Bobbie Jane, Robert Jane, Petunia Jane. I don't just rolls off the tongue! I quite like it!

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