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Sunday, October 30, 2011

And it came to pass...

I could truly be dead right now. I've never had more of a 'near death experience' than I did tonight.
Story time: Today, I was driving with mi amiga, Erica. We were about to cross a very busy street. She entered the street and there was a truck coming right at that moment. In my head, I was thinking about how close the truck was but maybe Erica knew what she was doing. I mean, obviously, I'm not a good driver at all. I'd call my self a beginner, for sure. So, I wasn't going to say anything. When I thought about it more, I realized that if we kept going, this truck would definitely smash into us. I really didn't want to say anything but then something made me say, "Uhh....there's a truck right there." Erica slammed on the brakes and we missed the truck by a split second. If I hadn't said anything, both Erica and I would not be here right now. It was such a quick thinking process because all of this happened within about 5 or 10 seconds. Both of our hearts completely stopped, and then started to race faster than ever before. As we continued driving, we both almost started crying very hard, but somehow we managed to keep it together. It was the scariest moment of my life. 

I know that it was the Holy Ghost who put the words into my mouth to tell Erica that the truck was coming. Obviously, Heavenly Father really is looking out for me. I still don't even feel like it was me who said those words but somehow I did. We hear stories all the time about how people listen to the Holy Ghost and act on it. I used to think about how maybe people just assumed that it was the spirit that told them what to do. I thought that maybe they just told everybody that that was who helped them. I guess that I never fully understood how people could discern whether they made decisions by themselves and it was coincidentally the right decision, or they actually felt the spirit prompt them to do something. In this case, I KNOW, with a certainty, that it was the Holy Ghost who told me to say that. If I hadn't listened, I would truly and honestly be dead.

Today has been a great learning day for me. We had a fantastic talk in sacrament meeting, a wonderful lesson in sunday school, and an awesome youth discussion. And then this happened and I learned so much from this experience.

Happy Sabbath, Friends.

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