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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guess what!

You'll never guess, guys. I went out of town AGAIN this weekend. Fun, right?!

Can you say

I'm excited to tell you guys all about this. You're just gonna have to wait until I can get the pictures, though. Sorry. Be patient! Patience is a virtue. Actions speak louder than words. Home is where the heart is. Two is better than one. The way to a man's heart is through is stomach. The watched pot never boils. Twice up the barrel, once down the side.

Anyways, there's something else exciting that I still haven't told you all...I got asked to prom!

The question:
"Your date, should you choose to accept it, will be with Scott Mershon at 19:00. You will be picked up by a person wearing a bow tie. This box and my heart will self destruct if you fail to go to prom with me."

The answer:
I decided to use a secret code to answer him so he got these papers through out the day. It ended up saying, "Of course I'll go to prom with you!" Also, I just HAD to put major monogram on the decoder, obviously, and it says, "WWMMD? What would major monogram do?"

My date and I are basically superstars. Sorry it took me so long to tell you guys. I'm probably the most inconsiderate friend ever! I can't believe I held this from you! 

You'll have to forgive me.

Love you ALL!

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  1. Scott Mershon is the bomb. And you are the coolest girl! You will have such a great time! Love it!


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