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Saturday, March 23, 2013

This totally happened.

Good thing I'm always so caught up on everything and never procrastinate and I always get things done on time. Oh wait...I don't. In other words, sorry I'm such a let down, guys! Judge me. Whatever.


Here comes a massive picture overload. Enjoy!


On our way to Salt Lake!

The grass was wet, so she carried me to safety. What a sweetheart! Haha.

I sincerely LOVE these girls. We're the three seniors... AHHH!!!


Once again, MY HOMEGIRLS!

We were washing windows and he couldn't reach the, he was jumping on the roof. If you knew this man's personality, you would realize how hilarious this is. I wish you all knew him. Now this is just awkward...Oh gosh. Sorry!

On top of the conference center!

The most MASSIVE bathroom I've ever seen. Rows and rows and rows and rows and rows (you get the idea) of stalls.

The whole group.
Honestly, this was one of the very best trips ever. We had a similar trip last year and I was not excited at all for that trip. It ended up being the funnest trip. Same goes for this year. I was not excited. At all. I did not want to go. But, guys, I ended up going and I had a blast. Actually, a blast and a half. Plus another half. So, that's basically two whole blasts. That's how fun it was. I love these girls. Every single one of them. And, we have great leaders and a wonderful bishopric. I'm so blessed.



I had the best date ever...

...and the best group ever!

So, I'm laughing quite hysterically in this picture because I was just chillin with my peeps and then I realized that I had no idea where my date was and I was kinda the awkward fifth wheel in this picture. No big deal.

The ladies
 Guys, prom was pretty dang fun! We went Geo-caching and we also played ultimate croquet. was the bomb!

Anyways, this was an extremely long post but you're welcome for all of these awesome pictures!!!!

Peace. And. Blessings.

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