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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

There are those days...

There are those days when:

  • you realize how much you really love being picked last in Lifetime Sports...ALWAYS.
  • you receive a wand from your best friend and get extremely excited to have duals. (NERD ALERT!)
  • you fall asleep in history and then have a dream that the teacher is talking to your sister saying, "Miss Turner, are you with us?" and then after a couple seconds you realize that it is totally a dream and he's really talking to you. Then, you wake up and make a horribly embarrassing noise....only to have the whole class laugh at you.
  • you cry because future and life both scare you.
  • you sit in academic lab and eat Canadian candy while rocking the Harry Potter trivia. (NERD ALERT.....AGAIN!!)
  • you're told that you "set the standards" for all the Mormons at your school....yep. I think that it was supposed to be a compliment....kinda. 
  • you start bawling when you hear bad news...that all has to do with Taylor Swift. Yes....she is playing Eponine, one of the most emotionally complex characters in Les Misérables and I have a feeling that she's gonna slaughter it. That's not the only bad news that I heard about her today. She also has a song in the Hunger Games. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Oh well. Life goes on...I guess.
  • you have crappy planning meetings for mutual. No further comments on this one.......
  • all you wanna do is be a rapper. (haha...yes. I did have to just add this one.)

Anywho, go lick a window!!! Goodnight!
PS) As I was looking at this blog, I saw the most adorable videos! Look at them. Cause, they're way cute!

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