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Monday, June 18, 2012

"Will you miss me?" "Only if you LEAVE!"

I was going to write this post yesterday, but I didn't have time. Here it goes.

A few things:

1. Yesterday was my dear little sister's birthday. She is...the BOMB! She turned 12 and she is so great. We're basically best friends and I couldn't have ever asked for a better little sister. She is soo fantastic! We do everything together. In honor of her, here is her current favorite youtube video...which is creepy cause this video is quite disturbing. Oh well, Livie! I love you anyways!

2. Yesterday was also Fathers' Day! What a great holiday, right? Fathers are great. Especially mine. In fact, Bailey once wrote a song about my father in the tune of Hannah Montana's song "Nobody's Perfect." It went a little like this:

             Becca's dad is perfect
             he really works it
             again and again and he gets it right.

Uhh...yeah. Beautiful song. It's great and true. Anywho, my dad and I could sit down and listen to music for hours. In fact, a couple weeks ago, I drove to Lake Tahoe with him and back...that was a bunch of hours in the car and when we got home he said that we should've driven the Salt Lake way so that we could've had a couple more hours in the car for listening to music. It was so great! I listen to his old music and he listens to my more current music. So, it was only fitting that I got him an iTunes gift card for Fathers' Day.

3. We went camping last week. It was sooo great! It's been a tradition to go to Henry's Lake for ever. We caught a bunch of fish and also, I got to see my BEST FRIEND! Lauren came with us and she got to meet my crazy family! All of my aunts and uncles and a couple cousins. It was sooooo fun!

Livie even got TWO kisses on the cheeks from these guys^^ for her birthday! Lucky girl!

Also, we eat fish for breakfast. Is that weird? It's never been weird to me cause I've always done it, but I just found out this week that people don't usually do that. Hmm...


  1. I. love. fishing. So relaxing to me. Is that weird?

    1. That's definitely not weird. Fishing is relaxing! I love it!


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