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Sunday, June 3, 2012

So what if I'm terrified?!

I spent my night last night...tossing and turning...dreaming about my drivers' test.
Yes, I am an almost 17 year old girl who still hasn't gotten her drivers' license.
Why? Well, not because my parents won't let me or anything like that. In fact, my parents are mad at me because I haven't gotten my license yet. Actually, that partially is the reason. I had to get $500 before I could get my license and it has taken me forever.
The real reason why I don't have my license is because driving is the most terrifying thing in the world for me. It is so extremely scary. I hate driving more than anything else in this universe.
BUT, I have to take my test this week or else my mother won't let me go to music fest. That would seriously be THE WORST punishment in the world. But, taking the drivers' test seems like a pretty bad punishment, too.
That is honestly all I dreamed about last night, and let me tell you, every time I took the test in my dreams last night, I did NOT do a good job.

I'm really nervous and I'm not gonna apologize for that.

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