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Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week of School: SUCCESS!

I have survived week one of school! Yayyy! I don't even know what to say except...being at school reminds me how much I sometimes don't really like people. But, it's all good.

Yesterday was a blast and a half.

1. Went to orchestra. Found out we're playing Lord of the Rings. Word to your mother!
2. Cleaned. Everything.
3. Went to Bailey's house to prepare for a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY for her lovely sister!
4. Had the surprise party...let's just say when she walked in and we all yelled, "Surprise!!" she said some choice words and slammed the door. Too scared to come in, I guess. I would've done the same thing!
5. We decided that we didn't want to be with all of the freshmen anymore, so Bailey, Whitney, Tanner, Drew, and I went to buy Twinkies. Then, we played Twinkie Roulette. So fun! (Twinkie Roulette= Getting a twinkie, writing your name on it-- with the package on it-- and then putting it in the road. Once yours gets smashed by a vehicle, you have to eat it. Nasty, right? It's too dang fun!)
6. Came home and went to bed!

Pretty eventful day, right? It was quite fun.

Maybe this year won't be as bad as I thought it would be. We'll see... I've survived so far. Let's see how this next week goes! Huzzah!

Happy Sabbath. I hope you've had a good day. Give somebody a high five as soon as you can. That's my advice for the day. I'm gonna go give my mom a high five right now. Peace, kiddos!

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