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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Instant Choir?! Count me in!!

Today, we went to my cousin's mission report. He just got back from the Gilbert Islands. It was super amazing. His talk was so great. It's so cool to see missions change people. He had to go through some super hard stuff on his mission, but he seemed to be so positive through it all. He's so awesome!

Anywho, in their ward, they had an "Instant Choir." They handed out some music before sacrament meeting started and it was just a regular Hymn, but it said what to do on the paper. For example, it told us when just the men were supposed to sing and when it was just the women. I spontaneously decided to go up there and sing with them. Why not, right? Let me just tell was amazing. It was so much fun! This is not a joke. It was so great. There were so many humans up there! I was squished beyond belief, but it was so incredible! It sounded so good and it was pretty loud. How fun is that?! Instant choir. Whoever invented that deserves a chocolate bar or something. I loved it. I sincerely loved it.

Happy Sabbath, friends! :)


  1. haha. that's so great! instant choir. that's kind of epic.

    i love missionaries.

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  2. Hey! I love your blog - that's why I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster award! :)

    Head over to my blog to get all the information you need!


  3. it's always so fun to go to homecomings :)


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