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Monday, September 24, 2012

Grab one of my buttons and place it on your blog! Please and thank you, friends!

Oh! Heyy! It's me, Becca! I haven't posted in quite some time. I'm awful! My sincerest apologies are expressed through this word: SORRY! Truly sorry.

I honestly don't have much to say. I'll just say...
  • School stanks.
  • Being in student council is both irritating and ridiculously fun.
  • I guess I might be better at playing the violin than I thought. Lori (my violin teacher/bestest friend that isn't my age) had me become the first chair of the second violins in the chamber orchestra. In other words, I'm the section leader of the second violins in the smaller, better orchestra. Terrifying, right? I was so mad at her! But, then I went to chamber orchestra on Saturday and ROCKED IT! I played a bunch of notes. In other words, I'm a lot better than I thought. Just saying.
  • Some people bother me, but other, I just love them!
  • I want every single thing from Jack Wills, including the male models. I'm not gonna apologize for that. Free shipping, yo!!! The only thing is that...everything is ridiculously expensive. Such a dilemma! Oh well.
  • I love love LOVE Little Women. Such a classic film. The more I watch it, the more I love Beth. She's an angel.
  •  I miss Downton Abbey. The third season couldn't come soon enough.
  • I got to witness, with my own eyes and ears, Les Miserables this last Saturday. May I just say that it was...the most amazing thing of my life! It was fabulous. Every single human in it was so incredibly talented. I had the chills the entire time. Right when the orchestra began playing, I almost just started BAWLING! I didn't..but almost. That would be the most amazing orchestra to play in. The music is way too amazing for words. Not to mention...when Javert jumped off of that bridge....that was the most amazing thing ever! Absolutely brilliant. I will say, though, that there were some parts that were just...unnecessary. How awful. But, other than that, it did not disappoint.
  • I've been feeling so weird lately. I'm always confused about how I'm feeling and I can't use my words to express things. I'm just..tired. I'm not angry or anything, but I just feel so interesting. I can't explain it.

Thank you to my dear sister, Kaycee, for placing this video on my Facebook wall. You're an angel. Honestly, this video is for everyone! I don't care if you hate The Newsies, or if you've never even seen the amazing film. This video is FOR YOU! Have a wonderful Monday night. And then have a good Tuesday, tomorrow. You're welcome. PEACE!


  1. I friggin LOVE newsies. Made my day.

  2. You and I should plan a trip to New York to see Newsies on Broadway. That would be awesome. Since you loved Les Mis and so did I and since you seem to love the Newsies and Little Women and other things I love and since we have the same name and since we are both cool, it would be cool to do that. :)

    1. Oh my goodness, Becca! That would be beyond amazing! I'm so glad that we have a lot of the same interests! Not to mention, we're totally gonna have to have a Downton Abbey party when the 3rd season comes out! We still need to discuss it in person!! :) We'll talk.


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