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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


  • It's lonely in our house since there's only my little sister and I left with our parents. 
  • I'm currently listening to City and Colour. Obviously.
  • Mumford & Sons' new album has been on replay for the past week. My favorite song on it is Below My Feet. is too amazing to describe. Please listen to it.
  • I just watched The Best Two Years. That is the best movie.ever. Makes me laugh every time. *THANKS FOR BUYING IT FOR US, MOM!!

  • I just wanna stay home from school tomorrow and play my guitar and stay in sweats. But, I won't.
  • Today was a really good day. Some girls are pretty rude, though. I told my parents about this and my dad said that we should make a movie called Mean Girls! I told him that that was quite an original idea. Yeah...definitely.
  • Spotify is literally completing my life. THANKS FOR LETTING ME LISTEN TO MUMFORD & SONS AND ED SHEERAN AND SUCH!!!!
  • Some teachers choose favorites and then grade accordingly. The teachers that do this the most are English teachers. Why? Because when grading essays, they can kinda grade more by "opinion." Whatever.
  • I sincerely LOVE seminary. For the first year of my high school career..which is now sadly the last year of my high school career. I wish that I could've enjoyed it this much all four years. But, I am blessed to have a good teacher for at least one year! YAYYYY!


  1. Dude. You listen to City and Colour too? Awesome.

    1. City and Colour...I just love them!!! My favorite song by them right now is The Girl. I adore it!

  2. i just watched the best 2 years yesterday! agreed, best. movie. ever. :D

    ♥, sarah
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