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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So..maybe sometimes I think I'm a bit funnier than I really am...

But, most of the time, I really am as funny as I think I am.

Bailey is being so extremely gracious to me and is babysitting me while my parents are out of town. It's basically like living the dream.

Last night, she was sitting there just waiting for a certain boy to text her. She was freaking out because she really wanted him to text her but she didn't want to text him first. Finally, I said, "Bailey! Text him! You have ten minutes and if he doesn't text you within ten minutes, you're texting him." No big deal right?! I mean, seriously..he had texted her first a bunch of times before it wasn't a big deal. So, finally, I told her to just say, "Hey *insert name here*. How was your day?"

It took her over 9,000 to push the send button (yes, I did say over 9,000. What? I don't know!) . When she did, she freaked out! She sat there waiting for him to text her. Finally, a few minutes later, her phone beeps. We look at each other super intensely. The moment of truth!!! Turns was our other friend, Whitney. Then, after another minute, I decided to freak her out again. I sent her a text message because I am just that funny! So, her phone beeps again.

She FREAKS out! Sooo excited! Finally, she looks at her phone...looks up...and yells, "I HATE YOU SO MUCHHHH!!!!!" I was laughing for about ten minutes straight..and that's not an exaggeration. She glared at me the whole time. She tweeted about 5 seconds after that. The tweet said something like, "NEVER BECOME FRIENDS WITH @beccakturner SHE KILLS HOPES AND DREAMS AND IS BASICALLY A DEMENTOR." That's just the jest of what she said.

Basically, I'm super super funny. I wish everybody appreciated me as much as I do.

Have a good evening, ladies and gentlemen!


  1. hey there! i nominated you for an award on my blog!! :D

    ♥, sarah
    the life of a redhead

  2. You are so funny. So did the boy text?


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